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Are you or a loved one living with low vision? Have you been told by your eye doctor “There is nothing more that can be done”? Call Dr. Harold Ashcraft OD. Dr. Ashcraft designs special glasses that can make a difference.

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Dr. Ashcraft Has Had Sucess Helping Patients With

Low Vision Doctor
  • Macular Degeneration
  • Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Retinitis Pigmentosa
  • Stargardt’s Disease
  • Glaucoma
  • Albinism and other vision limiting conditions

Playa Vista, California Highlights

Playa Vista California is one of the neighborhoods in the City of Los Angeles. It is a part of the Westside area of the County of Los Angeles. The land was a part of the Rancho La Ballona Mexican land grant, which then ultimately came under the control of America after the Mexican-American War. The neighborhood of Playa Vista as we know it today used to be the burial ground of the Tongva tribes of the Native Americans hundreds of years ago. The fact came to light while the very first development projects were underway. However, burial rites were performed at the Westchester bluff in the year 2008 to lay the unearthed remains back to rest.

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Playa Vista, Locations and Landmarks


  • Playa Vista Medical Center

    6020 Seabluff Dr
    Playa Vista, CA 90094

  • Kaiser Permanente Playa Vista Medical Offices

    Playa Vista , 5620 Mesmer Ave.
    Playa Vista, CA 90230

  • Sunrise Of Playa Vista

    5555 Playa Vista Dr
    Playa Vista, CA 90094

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